Call for Reviewers

We are calling for reviewers
If you are interested in performing the reviewing work, please kindly submit an application and your CV in the conference peer-review system. If you have any colleagues that may also be interested in serving as the peer reviewer of CCORE 2023, please forward the invitation to him or her. Thank you!

Reviewer Qualifications:
  • PhD level or above
  • Active researchers in the related field
  • At least have one or more recent publications in peer-reviewed journals
Reviewer Benefits:
  • Refresh your knowledge
  • Gain some experience in that field
  • Enjoy a discount for your conference registration fee
  • Be a potential candidate of Technical Program Committee for the next conference
Reviewer Responsibilities:
  • Keep the manuscripts to be reviewed as confidential documents
  • Give constructive review comments, not just simple Accept or Reject
  • Send back the review comments within two to three weeks

Purpose of Peer-reviewing
The full papers should be peer-reviewed by at least two expert reviewers before accepted. And the revised papers may go through the second round of peer-review if necessary. Thus, your review comments on the papers should be responsible and helpful to improve the paper content, structure and language.

Q & A
What is the reviewing process?
Register and log in the reviewer system—Select the papers or accept review invitation—Download the review form and the full paper—Fill your review comments in the review form—Upload the review form to reviewer system.

What if the assigned paper is beyond my research field?
You may inform the secretary that the paper is beyond your research scope and tell your exact research filed. We would update your information more accurately. It’s highly appreciated if you could recommend other experts as reviewers.

What if I have no time to review the assigned papers?
Please inform the secretary “not this time”. It could not be better that you could inform when you would be available. You would not get review invitation during that period.

The selected paper is only an abstract, why?
An abstract is usually for someone’s oral or poster presentation. It’s not to be published. You are welcomed to inform us whether the abstract could be accepted for presentation.

Is there a review certificate for me?
Of course, if you have reviewed 3 or more papers and given helpful suggestions. Please send an email to

How could I be a TPC member?
The quantity and quality of your review reports will be considered. Your following information will be posted if you are included: Name, Title, Affiliation, Nationality.